Rock Creek Kennels

54500 Maple Ave, Rush City, MNĀ  55069-2390
Rock Creek has trained, tested, and produced numerous Versatile Champions. We have received an unprecedented 48 NAVHDA Breeder's Awards within the pudelpointer breed. Rock Creek sires and dams produce the highest ratio of NAVHDA qualified dogs and breeder award winning litters of any pudelpointer kennel. Rock Creek Kennel is one of the oldest operating pudelpointer kennels in North America. We have personally tested 110 dogs in NAVHDA tests, and Rock Creek pudelpointers have run in over 500 tests. Set in the St. Croix river valley of East Central Minnesota, Rock Creek Kennel is owned and operated by Scott and Denise Kossan. To contact us just click on the email icon below. Please continue on within our site and visit our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube sites by clicking on the icons below.