You can call the City Office to check on the availability of the date you want to rent the City Center; we do not take reservations over the phone.  To reserve the City Center, you must come into the City Office to complete the Rental Agreement and pay the rental fee of $50 for residents or $150 for non-residents along with the damage deposit of $200, this check dated the day of your reservation.  

  • Make both checks payable to The City of Rock Creek: this will confirm your reservation for the date of use only, not the day/evening before – THIS REQUIRES AN ADDITIONAL FEE.
  • Pick up a key for the City Center, Monday – Thursday before your rental date between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.  Return key by placing it in the “key drop” in the utility room door.  Key WILL NOT be available after office hours.   
  • If the City Center is cleaned according to the rental agreement and rules of use, we will shred your damage deposit check. If you want your check returned to y, you must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.     
  • If the City Center is NOT cleaned according to the rental agreement and the rules of use, your damage deposit check will be FORFEITED. 
  • The damage deposit will be forfeited if the rental is found to be for a commercial business or is considered a second party rental.
  • The residential rental fee only applies to residents of the City of Rock Creek . Rock Creek residents can rent the hall for immediate family members, but the resident must be in attendance at the event.
  • Immediate family includes: Spouse, Parents. Grandparents, Children, Grandchildren, and Siblings - Residential rentals that do not follow the above guidelines, will be considered second party rentals and will forfeit the damage deposit.
  • There are no alcoholic beverages allowed in the City Center or on grounds. 
  • The City Center can not be used to host a benefit. 
  • There will be no refund of the rental fee if the reservation is cancelled less than ten (10) days before the reserved date.    
  • By State law, our kitchen is a food catering facility, not a preparation center. Food should be cooked at home and only reheated at the hall.
  • The renter agrees to see that after its use, the City Center is in all respects clean, and the tables and chairs are as you found them.  All equipment used is washed in a sanitary fashion and put away.  All trash and garbage has been placed in the dumpster outside.  Renter agrees to observe all rules of use and ordinances of the City of Rock Creek.


The City Center is set up for 120 people, with extra tables available for more. 

The City Center Contains:

      • 1x – 20” x 48” Folding Table
      • 1x – 18” x 60” Table
      • 1x – 30” x 60” Table
      • 15x – 30” x 96” Tables Setup with Chairs – Each of these seats 8 People Per Table
      • 5x – Extra 30” x 96” Tables
      • 49x – Extra Chairs