City of Rock Creek


Notice is hereby given that the Building Committee will be meeting sporadically over the next few months to discuss the options for the possibility of a new public works building for the City of Rock Creek.  During this time, there may or may not be a quorum of City Council members at any given meeting.


The City of Rock Creek will post these dates as soon as they become known to us due to appointment times/dates available with representatives.


As a government body, the City Council will not deliberate, take any formal action on any items discussed, nor meeting minutes will be produced for this notice

Building Committee Meeting

There has been a building committee meeting scheduled for this Thursday May 23, 2024 @ 5:30PM at the Rock Creek City Center.

Possibility of a New Public Works Building

City of Rock Creek

Notice is hereby given that the City of Rock Creek City Council has formed a Building Committee to discuss the possibility of building a new Public Works building.

Objective:                         To improve services to our city now and into the future.

Proposed Size:              The size of the maintenance facility will be just under 5,000 square feet, so that a sprinkler system will not be required.

Reason:                              Currently all of our equipment is spread out between our current shop, a storage building, and some items being stored outside. The current building does not meet new codes regarding ventilation and it does not have a flame trap drain. It also does not have a wash bay, requiring our employees to wash equipment outside, and not allowing us to wash any trucks off in the wintertime. The current shop does not have a bathroom for employees.

Goal:                                    Building a larger shop will allow all equipment to be stored in one building. It will have a ventilation system, a flame trap drain, a wash bay, and a bathroom. The Council has taken into account the projected future growth of the City of Rock Creek in the design of the building to accommodate future machine upgrades.

Recent data from 2023 brought forth by the U.S. Census Bureau lists Pine County as the fastest growing county in state and lists the City of Rock Creek as the second fastest growing city or township within Pine County.

The City of Rock Creek City Council has also discussed the strong possibility for using one of the old buildings to house auxiliary fire equipment as a fire substation.  There are already 7 firefighters that live within the City of Rock Creek. This would be HUGE for the safety of the residents of Rock Creek.

This would help all residents with ISO ratings which could benefit their insurance premiums.. Our overall goal is to improve all services to the residents in our City.

Costs/Funding:             Our initial estimate is roughly $500,000. We would be eligible for a low interest loan through ECE for about ½ of that. We have enough funds to cover the other half now.


The City Council would like feedback from all residents.  CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT FEEDBACK

Please note that building this new public works building will eliminate the current ball field.